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After-Sales Service - Jewelry

Cartier has seen its jewelry creations transmitted from one generation to the next ever since 1847. With the passage of time, these creations live with those who adopt them, and are thus exposed to temperature differences, pollution, occasional knocks and contact with different surfaces, first among them being the wearer's skin. Since these creations are precious, these jewels deserve all of your care and attention. By entrusting them to Cartier, you will continue to preserve your beloved jewelry for years to come.

Creations purchased from non-authorized dealers or websites other than are not warrantied as being authentic Cartier creations.


Recommended Retail prices in U.S. dollars, excluding tax (excluding cost of stones).



Rapid Shining Service


Polishing Service

From $80 USD

Re-Sizing Service

From $160 USD

Engraving / Re-Engraving Service

From $75 USD

Restoration Service

From $115 USD

Reproduction / Pairing Service

Quoted Upon Request

Rhodium Plating

From $40 USD