La collection Cartier - Historical and Exceptional pieces of la Maison Cartier

The mythical founder of Chinese civilization and a symbol of longevity and success, the dragon is a chimera, a fantastic amalgam of several animals in one body. Fascinated by their magic and strange beauty, Cartier regularly created Chinese Chimera jewelry from 1920 onwards. He did not copy traditional jewelry and ornaments but immersed himself in the spirit of ancient China to create original pieces, often using coral and precious stones to produce marvelous color combinations.

Chimera cliquet pin


Platinum, yellow gold, round old- and single-cut diamonds, one fluted emerald bead, emerald cabochons and buff-top emeralds, one natural pearl, carved and fluted coral, onyx cabochons, black enamel.

Sold to Louis Cartier.

13.0 x 1.8 cm


Cartier Paris, commissioned in 1929

Platinum, pear-shaped diamonds, round old-, single- and French-cut diamonds, sapphire cabochons, buff-top sapphires and emeralds, gadrooned rock crystal (throat).

This bracelet was the first of the chimera bangles to be made entirely of platinum and gemstones.

7.8 x 7.7 x 1.8 cm


Cartier Paris, commissioned in 1954

Platinum, white gold, marquise- and brilliant-cut diamonds, fluted coral beads and buff-top coral cabochons. The eyes are formed by brilliant-cut diamonds set in reverse, the collet outward. The central strand of coral beads is studded with collet-set diamonds.

20.0 x 2 cm

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