Creative Wedding Bands

Wedding band
White gold, diamonds
REF: N4249800

A white gold wedding band, as light and precious as diamond floral lace. Crafted with the excellence of Cartier's jewelry-making savoir-faire, the piece rekindles the legacy of the Maison's guirlande style.

18K white gold band set with pear-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds.

from $20,600
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  • The Proposal

    Cartier celebrates love with "The Proposal," a new ensemble film set in Paris and directed by Sean Ellis. Three promises. Three stories. Three ways to say "I love you."


    Set for you by Cartier In the great jewelery tradition, Cartier offers a service that can meet your dreams. Choose the design of ring you want and the diamond to illuminate it. Let this exclusive service guide you as you move towards a uniquely emotional moment.


    Cartier's place in the history of jewelry has largely been achieved by acquiring exceptional diamonds and showing them at their finest in wonderful creations. The company has been involved with some extraordinary lives, taken part in some amazing stories and written several pages in the book of the world's most famous and most beautiful diamonds.

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Each love story is unique. Celebrate yours by creating your own Cartier solitaire.